Garden centre advice

Garden centre advice

Garden Center Advice from A to Z, Masterplan development

Masterplan Garden centre design, glasshouse building, 3D routing development, assortment selection, that’s what we are good at.

Building or developing a new garden centre always starts with a thorough survey of the location. It’s important to see the location, look around, feel the climate and atmosphere. This includes studying pressure from competitors, accessibility, market developments and costs. Together with the you as the entrepreneur, we map out the best route, visualize it and some up solutions and different options for your location. 

For Intratuin Ostmann in Oldenburg we discussed together with the entrepreneur possibilities about an optimal routing. With our 3D animation program we made it possible to show what the new store could look like. By using new techniques, simulate possibilities we speed up the decision making progress. The store focusses on the communication and sales of green products, by building a patio in the centre of the store a real green core was created. 

24 March 2021 one of the newest stores of Intratuin was opened in Germany Garden Centre Ostmann 

The building process of a good garden centre should not be rushed. Often it takes many years of planning and consideration before the right plan is put down on paper.

In phase one we seek the best combination of shape and function, we make choices on future-proof and an optimum shopping route. The shopping routing is important so we work this out with our own 3D program. By 3D animation it becomes possible to imagine the real situation in a more detailed way.

The shape is one of the aspects to achieve the desired look of a garden center. For the design of the garden centre we work together with our own architect. They prepare the basic look and feel and contact with the local architect. The detailed materials will be discussed in a further stage. The used materials in the design have a tremendous impact on the appearance of a greenhouse. The glass environment ensures a great experience in any weather. Connecting outdoor and indoor is one of the things that we are really specialist of.

A glasshouse building is an ideal place for visitors to shop and relax. Daylight has a positive influence on the health and well-being of people so the more transparent the better. Due to the natural light it and high UV radiation we are working with high standard products that will block as much UV light as is needed. Plants need a certain light and their for we always look at the routing in combination with the design of the building with a holistic view. We believe that every area needs his own custom made garden centre. Please challenge us to discuss your idea.

Our many years of experience in data analysis, gained in the retail sector, helps us to create an optimal master plan. A plan in which we look at profit optimisation and keep the long-term vision in mind.

Location intelligence these days is a very wide spectrum. With the latest techniques it is possible to gain insight into key areas in which your target market is located. The location of your store can usually only be chosen once and you as a retailer cannot quickly change it. You should therefore choose this location wisely.

By using travel time analysis, determining the active radius of your store and calculating the average spending amount, it is possible to estimate the expected revenue.

Depending on the key areas, it is possible to determine a target market and optimise this concept suiting this target.

Business processes can be analysed by looking at customer flow. Where will my current and future customers come from? What should I bear in mind when opening a new store? How much revenue is still left in the market and which concept can help me to collect this left remaining revenue in the market? What things can be improved?

Assortment and Departments:
After having done the location analysis, it is necessary to develop an optimal plan. For this step a lot of knowledge and a special set of skills are needed. For example, the routing of the store and the total concept of the store’s experience should be looked at.

It is possible to develop an optimal plan for your store by starting with location analysis, followed by well developed routing and ending with an analysis on department level by determining the optimal surface area for a specific product group.

A well-researched plan is essential for further completion of the store.

Routing and Masterplan development:

Clockwise, counter clockwise, free flow or forced routing? A question that does not have one specific answer. Optimally designing the interior of a store is a profession. Also the use of retail displays and the products that need to me presented and sold in these retail displays, raises questions. The Greenconceptors will gladly assist you in making an optimal master plan for your store.

The building:

Should it be an underground parking lot with several floors on top and an atrium? Or should it be a simple greenhouse specialised in outdoor plants in which the most modern screening installations are used for an optimal plant sales environment? Should it be a standard wide-span, a Venlo-style greenhouse or something completely different? 

These are all questions you would like to see answered by an expert. Often you are that expert yourself. You are the one that has a clear picture in mind of what you would like to achieve with developing your garden centre. We will gladly assist you in making these plans clear.

Type of greenhouse:

Traditionally, the wide-span greenhouse is 12.8m metres wide. These days however, there are more variants to the traditional design. For example, wooden beams and various types of decking are used to positively influence light transmission and durability. You could therefore say there is no such thing as a standard greenhouse anymore. But what is the best solution for you? What is economically seen, both short and long term, the most interesting type of greenhouse to use? The Greenconceptors will gladly assist you by advising and helping you making the best decision in the choice of greenhouse.

By listening to your wishes and needs and looking at an optimal plan together, it could be that you don’t even want to build a greenhouse, you may rather have a building with lots of glass or polycarbonate. We often have brainstorming sessions with our clients so that we end up with positive results. By having a good discussion, we sometimes get different views on aspects than we previously had.

It is crucial to determine the building parts we will focus on an put this in a 3D design, building and instore routing. This can be determined by knowing what the target market is that your garden centre will focus on. Will it be a plant centre, a decorative store or a place that the whole family will enjoy going to? These are all different questions that directly affect the design of the building.

It is important to us to utilise building materials that are readily available in the local area as much as possible. We will gladly help you to achieve this.

Garden centre advice

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