Total concept development


By the total concept development we mean turn-key projects. We will guide the development of your project from A to Z. We will of course do so under your control. Together we will look for solutions to your problems. Think about the delivery of a garden centre including the interior design and product selection. Together with Breddels Architects we worked out this concept design for our client in Baku.

We think about the development of your project and do this step by step. If needed we work with local architects to get the best and optimal result for your project. If you talk about Garden Centre development or a botanical glasshouse construction we are glad to help you in your decision making process.

The Idea:-

The main aim behind the total concept development is to understand the demand of the people about particular arrangement. Thereby to develop an idea for a proper project which will be helpful to all the people in native and non-native regions. We look at local variables and adjust our plan to your these viriables to have an optimal match between the developer of the project and their customers. Besides, this is a proper idea which can give rise to sustainable project which can be used for welfare and well-being of the people.

The target group:-

Target group is a group of people living in particular area where we can develop and sustain a required project. The target groups are able to do geographical and political analysis of a region. The target group can easily help us to develop a better project onto satisfy demand of the people. The assembly of information from the native people help us to develop a needful design of a particular region.

The Location:-

Analyzing geography and polity of a particular is important key for development of project in particular region. Firstly we have to define a type of our project and on that basis we can choose a proper location. Budget is also a key factor for choosing a particular location. The proper planning of budget is also necessary as well.The location must be safe and the parking areas for tourist must be developed.
For example, For building a glasshouse we can consider a better green environment and location with higher attraction towards plants.

The Master Plan:-
The masterplan is dynamic long term relevant strategic plan based on data collected that provides conceptual layout for the project. Future growth and development of the project are studied and a proper judgement is done. A master plan includes analysis, recommendations, and proposals for a site's population, economy, housing, transportation, community facilities, and land use. The deign of the masterplan will be done by our own architects in combination with your local archotect(s).

The building:-

Along with the project now-a-days structure of building is important. The success of project starts at team level. The use of proper technology along with the proper team work provides a better and meaningful  design which will be loved by all the people. Development of technology based building is the key factor in this 21st century.

The Interior:-

Proper dedicated and experienced designers are called hereby for interior designing of the project. Interior design project comprises a set of phases that readily defines the distribution, pieces, finishes that translate into a budget for its construction and production to the smallest detail.

The Exterior:-

Any design developed in a particular region is recognised by its exterior. The exterior of a design gives life to a project and thereby attraction of public is introduced. Most of the people are now-a-days attracted to beautiful architecture of the building.


After Successful completion of design, the design must be monitored time to time. The proper care and maintenance of the design is key factor for success of particular project. Maintainence may include renovation, addition of new technologies and engaging more people in the project.

"Project is not just only for success, it's all about for people"

By such means a proper and sustainable project is built.

Total concept development

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If you have any questions please contact us to see if we can help you with finding the right solution for your project. Call us at +316 487 681 46.

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