Botanical Garden and Parc design

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Botanical garden and Parc design is a combination of in- and outdoor design. By listening to our clients ideas and wishes we try to develop an optimal combination between space and elements of nature. Trees and flowers, animals and humans. Some times we integrate glasshouse constructions in our total plans. The greenhouse construction should be nice and attractive for people from the outside. The inside however, must strengthen the design of nature. When in this greenhouse it should feel like you are in a jungle or that you are on a different continent.

Indoors the climate should not only be perfect for plants to grow in, but also for people to comfortably walk around in. The temperature shouldn't be too hot or cold for both plants and people, should not be too wet and also should not have too much shade.

By having built successfully in the most extreme circumstances, we can say that we are able to fulfil any of your wishes. 

A Botanical Garden is a garden dedicated to collection,cultivation preservation and display of wide range of plant designed to make your indoor and outdoor design more pleasant and meaningful.

A Botanical Garden may consist proficient plant collection such as cacti and other succulents, herbs, plants from particular spot of the world and so on to make the environment beautiful.

Many visitor services are also provided. The top include tours, educational display, art exhibition and other entertainment.

Over the years botanical gardens are considered to be cultural and scientific organisation. Most of these botanical gardens are mix of many themes which can enhance beauty of the surrounding and can give a beautiful transformation to the society.


As greenconceptors we listen our clients ideas and development of sustaining idea with a combination of flowers, animals, humans etc. is done by us. The plans provided by us are integrated with many of the elements of the nature that provide sunshine to the beautiful plannings.

Our designed parcs give you the feel of your expected site which you want to enjoy in your dailyhood. 

Greenconceptors offers a full architectural design service for all varying scales of client along with schemes from self build houses to large scale mixuse houses.

We are committed to collaborative  approach on all schemes to aid all our clients to achieve successful project outcomes.

We are greatly impressed sized on delivering the highest productive projects which are truly expected by clients.

Botanical Garden and Parc design

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