Vertical green wall design

Vertical green wall design

The colour green makes people more calm and relaxed. Adding vertical greenery is one of the most efficient tools to directly improve your indoor environment. Vertical gardens and hanging gardens are one of our specialisms.

To build a good vertical garden in your specific location you need a lot of experience and knowledge about different types of climates, shading, plants and soil.

We build all over the world for (almost;) any budget. When you have the right system, the right plants, the right lights you will have the best result.

We help you in building your special wall. 

Plant walls reduce noise, clean the air of dust, improve air quality by stabilizing humidity levels, stimulate job satisfaction, higher concentration levels, reduce stress, promote creativity etc.
The result of being surrounded by greenery is clear. We just feel better!

Green is good for many things. Good for the soul, good for the indoor environment and good for your health. A green wall is the optimal way to ensure the working environment, well-being and health fit extremely well into modern architecture, which is often characterised by steel, concrete and glass.

Greenconceptors helps you  to improve the indoor environment with increased humidity, reduces noice, creates a soothing organic environment and reduces stress and sick leave.

GreenConceptors can help you create an environment that makes everyone feel welcome and healthy. The vertical green walls can improve your indoor climate and working environment. 

Clean & Waterproof system

Easy to setup and use

Environmentally friendly by saving water and fertilizers

The drip irrigation system means 100% control of the watering, avoids drying out the top plants and waters the lower ones. There is a water reservoir at the bottom of the pot. The built-in water reservoir means that the plants only need to be watered about every three weeks. If the water level goes over the edge of the water reservoir, the water is drained through a grate to the pipe that connects all the pots.

Any surplus water from one plant does not flow to other plants on the wall. This prevents the spread of any diseases and avoids over-watering. The irrigation method makes the system very reliable and ensures optimal growth conditions
for the plants, no matter where in the green wall they are located.

Vertical green wall design

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If you have any questions please contact us to see if we can help you with finding the right solution for your project. Call us at +316 487 681 46.

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