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'Our goal is to design and develop the best new garden centres and improve existing stores.'

Welcome to our website, where we specialize in garden centre development. Our passion is designing and developing exceptional garden centres that meet the needs and desires of our clients. Whether you're looking to create a new garden centre or improve an existing one, we have the expertise and experience to make it happen.

Our goal is to deliver a garden centre that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations. From masterplan development to architectural design, glasshouse construction to 3D routing development, instore supplies selection to assortment selection, we guide you through every step of the process.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to create a unique and functional garden centre that reflects your vision and meets the needs of your customers. With our help, you can transform your garden centre into a beautiful and thriving destination that attracts customers and generates revenue.

Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to upgrade your existing garden centre, we have the knowledge and skills to make your dream a reality. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures that every aspect of your garden centre is designed and built to the highest standards.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our services. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your project, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you to create the best new garden centres and improve existing stores.

In the year 2022 we have been working on different garden centres in different continents. At this moment we are working on a garden centre in Reykjavik, Iceland. Together with the local architect we are working on a beautiful designed garden center. We advised in the total development of the greenhouse construction, materialization and internal routing.

We are working closely with the entrepreneurs and try to develop a custom made garden center that will open in the early spring of 2023.

Render Gardheimar Iceland, Reykjavik

Besides the garden center in Iceland we have delivered two garden centres in the Netherlands. Garden center Abbing (designed by Breddels architects) and Intratuin Zwolle. Both are unique garden centres in their own segment.

Abbing Buitenhof render

Abbing Buitenhof realization 2022

Garden center Abbing we developed from scratch on together with the architect and entrepreneur. We focussed on interior design and together with suppliers we filled the store with beautiful unique products. The 5.000 m2 building is a beautiful building with three different types of glasshouse constructions.

Intratuin Zwolle Front side render

Intratuin Zwolle is a circular designed and build garden center. The old cold and warm area was building and re-swamped and changed in a warm area, where the new cold house was expend with a high wide span central roof. The almost 9.000 m2 is being developed in one of the growth areas of the Netherlands and has a lot of potention.

Routing Intratuin Zwolle, The Netherlands

Intratuin Ostmann Germany

Building or developing a new garden centre always starts with a thorough survey of the location. It’s important to see the location, look around, feel the climate and atmosphere. This includes studying pressure from competitors, accessibility, market developments and costs. Together with the you as the entrepreneur, we map out the best route, visualize it and some up solutions and different options for your location. 

Intratuin Zwolle

For many Garden centres we discuss together with the entrepreneur possibilities about an optimal routing. With our own 3D animation program we made it possible to show what the new store could look like.

By using new techniques, simulate possibilities we speed up the decision making progress. The store focusses on the communication and sales of green products, by building a patio in the centre of the store a real green core was created. Having the possibility to design the building and instore routing and instore supplies makes it possible to develop a total masterplan for your store. The possibility to deliver a total masterplan, build and develop your total project makes us unique in the market.

We work in different phases to get to the optimal end result.

1. Analyse phase - External analysis:

External analysis is an essential step in the analysis phase of optimizing your store. It involves looking at the external factors that can impact your business. These factors can include competition, target market, and location. By conducting a thorough external analysis, you can get a good understanding of the market and what you need to do to stand out.

One of the first things to consider when conducting an external analysis is your target area. This includes looking at the local demographics, such as age, income, and education level, as well as the geography of the area. By understanding your target area, you can tailor your marketing and store layout to suit the needs of the local population.

Competitor analysis is also a critical part of external analysis. You need to know who your competitors are, what they are offering, and how they are marketing themselves. This information can help you identify gaps in the market that you can exploit and develop unique selling propositions that differentiate you from the competition.

Another important consideration is your target group. Who are your ideal customers, and what are their needs and preferences? By understanding your target group, you can develop marketing campaigns and product offerings that cater to their needs and preferences.

Household analysis is also a crucial part of external analysis. You need to know how many households are in your target area, their income levels, and their spending habits. This information can help you determine how much revenue you can expect to generate from your store.

Finally, visit frequency analysis can help you understand how often people in your target area visit stores like yours. This information can help you develop marketing campaigns and promotions that encourage people to visit your store more often.

Location intelligence is also an important consideration when conducting an external analysis. You need to choose a location that is easily accessible to your target market and is in a high-traffic area. By using the latest location intelligence techniques, you can gain insight into key areas in which your target market is located.

Travel time analysis can help you determine the active radius of your store, which is the distance that people are willing to travel to shop at your store. This information can help you choose a location that is easily accessible to your target market.

Calculating the average spending amount can also help you estimate the expected revenue from your store. This information can help you determine whether your store is likely to be profitable in the long term.

Finally, analysing customer flow can help you understand where your current and future customers are coming from. This information can help you make informed decisions about opening new stores and developing marketing campaigns.

In conclusion, conducting an external analysis is an essential step in optimizing your store. By analysing the target area, competitors, target group, households, and possible visit frequency, you can gain a good understanding of the market and what you need to do to stand out. Location intelligence and customer flow analysis can also help you choose the best location for your store and develop effective marketing campaigns. By taking the time to conduct a thorough external analysis, you can position your store for long-term success.

2. Analyse phase - Internal analyse

When it comes to optimizing your online store, a thorough internal analysis is essential. It involves evaluating your business's current state and identifying areas for improvement. By doing so, you can create a roadmap that will help you achieve your goals and take your business to the next level.

One of the first things you should do during the internal analysis phase is to take a deep dive into your business's financials. This includes reviewing your revenue and expenses, identifying trends, and calculating your profit margins. Once you have a good understanding of your financials, you can start looking for areas where you can increase revenue and reduce costs.

Another important aspect of the internal analysis is evaluating your current product offerings. What products are selling well, and which ones are not? Are there any gaps in your product lineup that you need to fill? Are there any products that are underperforming that you should consider phasing out? These are all important questions to ask yourself during the internal analysis.

In addition to your product offerings, you should also evaluate your website's user experience. Is your website easy to navigate, and are your customers able to find what they're looking for quickly? Are there any technical issues that are impacting your website's performance? These are all important considerations that can impact your website's conversion rates and overall success.

Once you've completed your internal analysis, you'll have a much better understanding of your business's strengths and weaknesses. This information will be invaluable as you move on to the next phase of the optimization process: data analysis.

During the data analysis phase, you'll use the insights gained during your internal analysis to identify opportunities for growth and develop a strategy for achieving your goals. This may involve things like targeting new geographic markets, expanding your product offerings, or improving your website's performance.

At every stage of the optimization process, it's important to keep your long-term vision in mind. While it's tempting to focus on short-term gains, it's crucial to make decisions that will set your business up for success in the long run. This is where our years of experience in data analysis can be incredibly valuable. We understand how to balance the need for short-term gains with the importance of long-term sustainability.

In conclusion, the internal analysis phase is a critical part of optimizing your online store. By taking a deep dive into your business's financials, product offerings, and website user experience, you can identify areas for improvement and create a roadmap for achieving your goals. When combined with data analysis, this information will help you create an optimal store that is primed for success.

3. Design phase, architecture of the building

During phase two, we strive to achieve the perfect balance between form and function for your building. Our goal is to create a design that meets all of your wishes and needs. With years of experience working with global market leaders in the garden centre industry, we are able to design based not only on intuition but also on data. We have worked with numerous international clients who operate at the top level of garden centre retail, and as a result, we are capable of creating some of the best garden centres in the world.

Shape is an important aspect when it comes to achieving the desired look of a garden centre. Our team of experienced architects, who have worked in the industry for many years, will collaborate with you to prepare the basic look and feel of the building and liaise with local architects where necessary. Detailed discussions about the materials used in the design will take place at a later stage, as these have a significant impact on the appearance of a greenhouse building.

A glasshouse building is an excellent place for visitors to shop and relax. Natural light has a positive influence on the health and well-being of people, which is why we strive for maximum transparency in our designs. However, given the high levels of UV radiation and the need to ensure plants receive the right amount of light, we work with high-quality products that can effectively block excess UV light.

We believe that every area requires a custom-made garden centre that is tailored to its unique needs. Whether you require an underground parking lot with several floors on top and an atrium, a simple greenhouse specializing in outdoor plants, or something entirely different, we have the expertise to help you make the right decision. Our focus is on connecting outdoor and indoor spaces, which is an area of expertise for us.

There is no such thing as a standard greenhouse anymore, with various designs and materials available to positively influence light transmission and durability. We can help you determine the best greenhouse solution for your specific needs, taking into consideration both short and long-term economic factors.

We have designed many garden centres over the years, and our knowledge of data and facts behind the success of these centres makes us a strong partner during the design and building phase. We understand the importance of fact-based building and can help optimize existing buildings with new materials, glasshouse constructions, signing, or by simply changing the current logistic flow. Trust us to help you design the best building for your budget.

4. Optimize routing and instore supplies

Actually phase two, design of the building and phase three, Routing and instore supplies go hand in hand. A nice building with a bad routing give a bad result. A bad building with a nice routing can also give a negative result. We design and build the indoor and outdoor in perfect harmony.

We believe it is very important to have a beautiful and functional design of the building and that the internal store and routing must also be very good and pleasant at the same time. Only then you are able to get the best from both worlds and get an optimal result from your investment and hard labour.

We make choices on future-proof and an optimum shopping route. Guiding a client to a store, surprise than every time but also make it optimal for the staff to work, gives an optimal result.

We design a routing not only by feeling but also fact based. Data driven is important but not always leading. Garden centres are store with passion, ambiance and atmosphere….

Sometimes you cannot explain the result always with facts… sometimes it is just the feeling, a balanced store with a good entrepreneur is like magic…

We use new techniques to design and render our plans in the best optimal way there is. The newest techniques are not always easy to work with. Our pioneer work and working with passion gives us the possibility to stay ahead to our competition. The visualization of the shopping route is important so we work this out with our own 3D program. By 3D animation it becomes possible to imagine the real situation in a more detailed way.

Analysing the routing step by step by looking at the basic routing and square meters per group is one way we look at the routing. Besides that we look at the look and feel or the routing, ‘the flow’ and ‘feeling’. Every corner we want to surprise our customers. We want the customers to feel well and for this everything needs to be in good balance.

Soft variables that are very important for developing an optimal routing:

Shape, smell, distance, communication about product, sounds and noises… Clockwise, counter clockwise, free flow or forced routing?

'All small ingredients that are so important for making a good and logical routing.'

Questions like;

  • How do you present your products?
  • Do you use wood, steel, what colour, what materials do you use for what department?
  • Do you make use of shop in shop or do you only want to communicate your own brand?
  • What is the logical way regarding to your optimal customer journey?

All these questions we work on during the development of an optimal routing. After designing everything in our 3D program, we have the possibility to help you with the sourcing of your instore supplies. Optimal designing the interior of a store is a profession. The Greenconceptors will gladly assist you in making an optimal master plan for your store.

By listening to your wishes and needs and looking at an optimal plan together, it could be that you don’t even want to build a greenhouse, you may rather have a building with lots of glass or polycarbonate. We often have brainstorming sessions with our clients so that we end up with positive results. By having a good discussion, we sometimes get different views on aspects than we previously had.

It is crucial to determine the building parts we will focus on an put this in a 3D design, building and instore routing. This can be determined by knowing what the target market is that your garden centre will focus on. Will it be a plant centre, a decorative store or a place that the whole family will enjoy going to? These are all different questions that directly affect the design of the building.

It is important to us to utilise building materials that are readily available in the local area as much as possible. We will gladly help you to achieve this.

24 March 2021 one of the newest stores of Intratuin was opened in Germany Garden Centre Ostmann 

The building process of a good garden centre should not be rushed. Often it takes many years of planning and consideration before the right plan is put down on paper. The Greenconceptors will gladly assist you by advising and helping you making the best decision in the development of your garden centre project.


Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Entrance Garden Center AbbingEntrance Garden Center Abbing Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden center TallinnGarden center Tallinn Situation sketch Garden centerSituation sketch Garden center Assortment planning is very importantAssortment planning is very important Optimal routing and customer flow is crucial for the successOptimal routing and customer flow is crucial for the success Entrance Tallinn Garden CenterEntrance Tallinn Garden Center Intratuin Elst, designed by our architectIntratuin Elst, designed by our architect Garden centre entranceGarden centre entrance New developed garden centre in FranceNew developed garden centre in France Unique elements are important in the design phaseUnique elements are important in the design phase Ambiance and the right products are importantAmbiance and the right products are important New green productsNew green products The best architectual designThe best architectual design Different type of glasshouseDifferent type of glasshouse Garden centre Talinn Garden centre Talinn Intratuin ElstIntratuin Elst Creative designCreative design optimal routing and assortment selectionoptimal routing and assortment selection Enviornmental friendly conceptEnviornmental friendly concept Entrance to The farmEntrance to The farm Routing and assortment selectionRouting and assortment selection Lunch in a great atmosphereLunch in a great atmosphere Year-round lunch and coffee cornerYear-round lunch and coffee corner Special designSpecial design Optimal routing and assortment selectionOptimal routing and assortment selection Intratuin Deventer new March 2019Intratuin Deventer new March 2019 Intratuin Deventer entranceIntratuin Deventer entrance Fresh flowers Fresh flowers Restaurant with nice view Intratuin DeventerRestaurant with nice view Intratuin Deventer Pot-Plant combinationPot-Plant combination New conceptsNew concepts Optimal routingOptimal routing Instore suppliesInstore supplies Furniture departmentFurniture department Balanced storeBalanced store Multi level storesMulti level stores Restaurant and ambiance garden centerRestaurant and ambiance garden center Pond and fish department Garden centrePond and fish department Garden centre WaterplantsWaterplants Instore suppliesInstore supplies Animation and ambiance garden centerAnimation and ambiance garden center Optimal shelf planOptimal shelf plan Supplier selectionSupplier selection Instore supplies garden shopInstore supplies garden shop Plant tablesPlant tables Furniture and ceoration garden centreFurniture and ceoration garden centre Ambiance garden centerAmbiance garden center Cool productsCool products New materials instore suppliesNew materials instore supplies New concepts garden centreNew concepts garden centre Flower shop Intratuin DeventerFlower shop Intratuin Deventer Cool instore suppliesCool instore supplies nice materializationnice materialization nice designnice design Optimal signingOptimal signing Green and more greenGreen and more green Healthy foodHealthy food Concept designConcept design Optimal communication and use instore suppliesOptimal communication and use instore supplies Garden lightning garden centreGarden lightning garden centre Garden centre department machinesGarden centre department machines Instore supplies garden centreInstore supplies garden centre Presentation productsPresentation products Greenhouse presentationGreenhouse presentation Instore supplies garden shop garden centreInstore supplies garden shop garden centre PavementPavement Grow your own conceptGrow your own concept Hanging basket in instore suppliesHanging basket in instore supplies Beatiful presentation garden center storeBeatiful presentation garden center store Indoor pots on tablesIndoor pots on tables New concept 'living in the garden'New concept 'living in the garden' New concept garden centreNew concept garden centre Enviorment conceptEnviorment concept Grow your own drinkGrow your own drink Instore supply grow your ownInstore supply grow your own New features and ideasNew features and ideas pots and presenation in garden centre The Netherlandspots and presenation in garden centre The Netherlands Pot and plant combinationPot and plant combination Animal and pet food departementAnimal and pet food departement Nice concept for animals Garden CentresNice concept for animals Garden Centres Your own animal shopYour own animal shop Food for dogs, nice presentationFood for dogs, nice presentation Green and more green conceptsGreen and more green concepts Green instore supplies special for garden  centresGreen instore supplies special for garden centres Instore and deco presentationInstore and deco presentation Concept design custom made for IntratuinConcept design custom made for Intratuin Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice Garden centre advice
Garden centre advice

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