GreenConceptors visits the World Expo 2020

Tuesday November 09, 2021

Finally it was possible to travel again to Dubai to visit the must see show World Expo 2020 in Dubai. Besides visiting our old relations we also were able to see the World largest exhibition that everybody is talking about.

From different countries presentations were made. Subjects like sustainability, greenwalls, solar energy, everything was presented at the exhibition. But also enviornment and new business opportunities for the different countries where displayed.

From Indonesia who says they are going to be the one of the largest economies in the year 2045 until jungles from Singapore were showed. All made in the hot burning sun but all with so much energy and positiveness that is was a pleasure to visit.

On the sustainability court, especially the booth from The Netherlands ;-) was very nice. With a waterfilter that caputurse water from warm air, so pure that you can drink it, to new technolosies that can connect people in a more efficient way.

New ideas, new energy and more and more green solutions.